Парадак апрацоўкі скаргаў

All correspondence to abuse@hosting.xyz will be processed and stored by Hosting.XYZ LTD software system for further processing. Handling, and tracking of abuse reports:

The claim of abuse(report of abuse) should be submitted in proper form and way.

  1. The claim of abuse has to be sent to abuse@ukraine.com.ua
  2. Language of the claim should be ukrainian, russian or english.

  3. The report has to contain:

    1. name of the sender;
    2. description of abuse and the way of abuse;
    3. contact information of the sender or contacts of authorized representative;
    4. documented evidence of violations (court decision, confirmation of copyright, etc.).?

Terms and conditions of claim handling:

  1. We forward claims and contacts of the complainant to the owner of the resource during the office hours. Also we send recommendations or requirements about how to fix the abuse.
  2. Well-founded claims with evidence of violations supported by legal documentation monitored and handled not later then in 24 hours from the moment of receipt.
  3. We provide responses to all claims supported by legal documentation.
  4. The Company shall not be liable for any failure to process complaints that were not received due to technical reasons.
  5. We do handling claims of abuse according to our Public offer with our clients, Ukrainian legislation and international laws in force in the territory of Ukraine.