Digest of changes for July 2022

Main changes in ☀️ July:

  • ☁️ Hosting:
    • The current plans for shared hosting now have a different number of inodes: Fast — 200,000, Best — 300,000, Quality — 400,000.
    • The standard "Site ready to use" index file is now displayed on the visitor's browser language.
    • Improved interface for adding aliases, PHP file extensions and static files in site settings.
    • When adding a new process to Supervisor, you can now choose whether to start it immediately or not.
  • 🌎 Domains:
    • Until the end of martial law for domains in the .KHMELNITSKIY.UA and .KM.UA zones, the cost of restore from the Redemption Period is equal to the cost of registration.
    • Registration of new domains in .BID, .TRADE, .WEBCAM, .CRICKET, .PARTY, .SCIENCE, .DATE, .FAITH, .REVIEW, .ACCOUNTANT, .DOWNLOAD, .LOAN, .RACING, .WIN, .MEN, .STREAM zones is closed.
  • 📦 Storages:
    • The separation of containers into types has been abolished and web access settings are now used instead.
    • In the web access interface, you can now switch the view mode between the list and gallery, as well as rename files.
    • Support for images in BMP format has been added to the viewer.
    • Added the ability to create public links to individual files and directories.
    • When linking your domain in its settings, the necessary records are now automatically added and removed. Before each operation, the changes that will be made to the domain settings are displayed.
  • 💰 Payment:
    • FLP can now withdraw referral payments to the balance.
  • 📖 Wiki:
    • Added instruction for configuring Redis in DLE.
    • Added instruction for installing OkayCMS.
    • Added instruction to change the administrator password in OkayCMS.
    • Added short instruction about how to get into the OkayCMS admin panel.
    • Added instruction to change the encoding of the database, table and field.
    • Added article with an example PHP script to redirect to a URL in lower case.
    • Added instruction for connecting your domain to the storage.
    • Added short instruction on working with public links to files and directories of the storage.

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